Tea Shop 168 has very good reputation in the business of bubble tea. We have established ourselves to be the pioneer in this industry with over 12 years of operations. In Canada, we have well over fifteen stores. We are always in the process to look out for new potential retail store locations. We are really professional in this business in the sense that we have very strong hands on experience and expertise. We also realize there is a need for not only local growth but international growth as well. We therefore always welcome new franchisees not only from locally but internationally. In fact, we are so ambitious that we often grand master franchise license to countries that may potentially be interested in the exploration of this wonderful business. Our business development team is seeking out sites and areas for potentially promising location on a continuous basis. We promise that we can provide excellent service and consultation to you for all your franchise need as only we know the business.


The cost of a Tea Shop 168 store will depend upon the store size, furnishings and equipment to be installed. The cost of the Tea Shop 168 operation will range from $90,000 to $185,000 for 300 sq.ft. to 800 sq.ft. varying in a take out stores and $200,000 to $250,000 for 1500 sq.ft. to 2500 sq.ft for a sit in location. The cost of operating an existing store may vary and can exceed between $300,000 to $400,000 for our large size store locations. The Tea Shop 168 franchise fee is $20,000 every two years. In addition to the franchise cost, the $15,000 to $20,000 working capital must be presented during the first six months of the operation. Tea Shop 168 will not be lending funds to potential franchisee. You must secure your own funds from your local bank or from your government small business loan plan.

Advertisement Fee

There is monthly advertisement fee and promotional fee to be paid every month depending on the promotions. This varies from promotional to promotional activities. It can range anywhere from two hundered dollars to four hundred dollars.

Store Earnings

Tea Shop 168 owners can enjoy high cash earning potentials due to high volume of sales as you may witness in all our stores.


Our business is all about locations. We always choose the busiest of locations with always in depth research for that location before we allow new stores to be opened.

Be An Owner

The greatest benefit of being your own boss is the excitement of owning your own business. You can enjoy flexible working hours in your own working environment.

Lease and Premises

The business premise may be owned by the individual franchisee at a suitable locations. The premise may also be leased directly from the lessor.

One-Stop Shop

We carry all the required bubble tea products, food supply, machinery and equipments to our franchisee at a discounted price. It is part of our business development team's responsibility to source for the best product ingredients, drink formulas and tasting recipes to our customers.

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